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Learning Appropriate Touch aims to introduce and teach skills related to appropriate touch. This app was created by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and incorporates Applied Behavior Analysis strategies, which are evidence-based, such as: stimulus prompting, immediate feedback, and reinforcement.


All profiles created inside the app will be displayed.

User can create multiple profiles inside the app.

(The standard version of the app allows users to create 1 admin account and 1 regular profile but users can buy in-app purchase depending on the number of profiles he/she wants to create inside the app.)

Users will then instruct kids to log in (offline) to their profile before playing the game.

The user will serve as the admin where he/she has the ability to maintain the username and password of each profile.

The admin user can edit appropriate and inappropriate regions for each sublevel for each user with an in-app purchase.

Game Menu

It shows different menu options for the game like difficulty levels: level 1 to 12

  • Allows the players to see their points, token and coin balance

  • Allows the users to turn on/off sound and music

  • Allows the user to select the level he/she wants to play. Only level 1 can be accessed for new players.

Tapping Level One will start interactive learning – a tutorial on how to play the game .

Game Mechanics

Main Goal

The user’s main goal is to beat all 12 levels of the game.

The user will start at level 1 and can only unlock level 2 if he/she will be able to answer 90% of question correctly at level 1. Each level has 4 sublevels to complete.

  • Sublevel 1 – Fully shaded body region

  • Sublevel 2 – Colored outline around the body region

  • Sublevel 3 – Plain body diagram without shades and outline

  • Sublevel 4 – Real figure/photo of a human without shades and outline

Each level introduces correct answers with colored stimulus prompts to ensure errorless learning. The colors are listed below.

  • Green – appropriate

  • Red – inappropriate

  • Yellow – circumstantial

The app will consist of 12 levels:

Touching Family Member

Being Touched by Family Members

Touching a Friend

Being Touched by a Friend

Touching a Stranger

Being Touched by a Stranger

Touching a Teacher

Being Touched by a Teacher

Being Touched by a Doctor

Three final intermixed levels to test for mastery

Interactive Learning

Social Validity

Individuals with disabilities have a significantly higher chance of being abused physically or sexually compared to typical counterparts. In addition, this target population can end up the abuser due to a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge on appropriate touch. Although this concept is very complicated and entails multiple control, Learning Appropriate Touch is making strides to teach the essential skills to keep these individuals safe.


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